What is the appropriate punishment for Putin?

The Hague/Kyiv/Berlin, 19. Dec. 2022


The International Criminal Court (ICC) is launching a large-scale campaign around the world today: under the title "Decide Putin's fate," the ICC is calling for a vote on the question of appropriate punishment for Russian war crimes. The goal is to prepare Putin's trial. The campaign is being conducted with the help of a website, but also in Ukraine, The Hague, and even Russia.

What is the appropriate punishment for war of aggression, systematic rape and most serious persistent crimes against a civilian population?

In the campaign "Decide Putin's fate", people around the world can, for the first time, vote to determine the sentence that judges at the International Criminal Court in The Hague will impose on war criminal Vladimir Putin. In view of Russia's war of aggression, the International Criminal Court wants to explore for the first time in an open-ended manner what maximum punishment a dictator can expect at the World Court for breaking all conventions and statutes of international law.

Arm the ICC for Putin's trial now!

"We can no longer do business as usual in the face of Russian war crimes," says ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan KC. "Our campaign now is to arm the ICC for Putin's capture: How are we going to punish him? We can determine that now."

On the website punish-putin.com, visitors can now vote on the maximum sentence at the ICC. People from Ukraine who are directly affected and Ukrainian citizens can also propose their own additional punishments to the ICC.

Key facts about the ICC campaign released today:

  • Campaign page: punishputin.com.

  • In Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, the ICC is calling for participation. A prison van is rolling through the Ukrainian capital soliciting a high turnout to determine Putin's fate.

  • The campaign site also calls on the world's population to share past or future whereabouts of the light-shy dictator. To this end, whistle-blowers can directly and securely transmit Putin's whereabouts to the ICC. For clues leading to the capture of Vladimir Putin, 10 x 1,000,000 roubles were offered from funds of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).


Who are the "political children"?

In front of the Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt) in Berlin, the ICC has painted the word "children" in Cyrillic letters on the government quarter pavement - a reminder not to act like "political children", refusing to believe in the evilness of the enemy in perfect naivety, and making treaties with disloyalty and peace with annihilation. Because several Western governments have so far refused to accept responsibility for their own appeasement policy towards Russia, the ICC felt compelled, in the case of Germany, to make a statement with the work entitled "Political Children".